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Customer requirements

As part of a redevelopment project within the Bluewater Plaza, our customer, Lend Lease required new gas services and gas meter kiosks installed to four new restaurants.

The customer required a fast turnaround which was necessary to meet their contracted schedule to deliver the space to retailers.

Bluewater F134

Project challenges

The key challenges are associated with the roof top location of the existing networks and preferred meter locations. As we were required to connect to an existing above ground infrastructure, it was essential that we were able to accurately identify which premises were supplied by the existing network. 

The challenges were:

  • The connection works would disrupt an existing supply to Nando’s Restaurant, requiring careful coordination in order to minimise the impact on their business
  • Connection points to the existing network were above ground in roof top locations. This made access for plant and materials challenging due to the location
  • Design work and permissions required close coordination in order to meet the customer’s short timescale for delivery.

Bluewater F107 Bluewater F117

Our solution

Taking into account the potential technical challenges and the required fast delivery, we completed an initial site meeting to discuss specific requirements and survey the site. As a result of the survey we installed over 60 metres of low pressure steel gas service pipe from the existing gas mains in four separate locations.

The services terminated with a capped Emergency Control Valve (ECV) for the customer to arrange the installation of the gas meters.

With close supervision and excellent communication between Operations and our head office in Sheffield, together with the full cooperation of our service providers and their workforce, the works were completed to our customer's expectations, on time.

Bluewater F102

Customer feedback

Sharif Kerbelker, Assistant Property Manager, Bluewater for Lend Lease said:

"I would like to thank Richard and his team for making sure that all our gas supplies were installed to our retail units within the tight deadlines we had. Without this we would not have met our official opening date for the restaurants.

Your continued support and feedback was appreciated and due to your action I will ensure that Fulcrum will be considered for any future works at Bluewater. Please pass my thanks to all your team that made it happen."

Gas infrastructure specification

Design Peak Demand  
Balans   336 kW
Wahaca 336 kW
Jamie’s Italian 433 kW
Tapas Revolution 102 kW

All services were installed in 50mm steel and with the exception of Tapas Revolution which terminated in Fulcrum supplied GC4 meter kiosks in a plant room.

All services were designed with a source pressure of 21 mbar and a maximum pressure drop of 2 mbar.

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