Key Stats

22,150 kW
peak demand
gas main installed under a main Glasgow road


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Customer requirements

Clyde Union Pumps decided to install new gas fired steam generators for testing their range of TWL pumps. To supply the site, a gas load of 22,150 kW was required with a gas input pressure of 140 mbar at the burner. Clyde Pumps wanted a supplier who could provide a one-stop-shop for the incoming supply, including the gas meter and kiosk and gas outlet pipework.

Project challenges

Two options were available to supply the site:

  1. A 21 mbar low pressure inlet supply would require a lower initial capital outlay, however some Network reinforcement and a booster was needed to deliver the correct gas pressure at the burner. These elements would require a further initial capital outlay and an ongoing operating and maintenance cost for the boosters.
  2. A 350 mbar medium pressure inlet supply would deliver the required pressure at the burner without the need for pressure boosting equipment. The parent gas main for the connection was further from the site, giving a higher initial installation cost, but lower ongoing operating costs thereafter.

Each of the above options presented their challenges which had to be overcome in developing the final solution:

  • The supply pipe route passed under a railway bridge owned by Network Rail. We worked with Network Rail and by providing method statements and risk assessments for our work, were able to demonstrate that the integrity of the bridge would not be compromised
  • The majority of the pipe route was on an arterial route leading into Glasgow city centre.  Communication with Glasgow City Council Highways Authority was key to develop traffic management plans that minimised disruption
  • Sections of the pipe were to be laid on privately owned land, the previous use of which was not known. We carried out a survey using a ground probing radar to prove that the selected pipe route was viable
  • The installation of a booster required further analysis of the existing gas network in the vicinity of the connection point to ensure that the booster would not draw gas out of the network, creating low pressures in the network and developing a potentially unsafe situation.


Clyde R1086

Our solution

We were able to work with Clyde Pumps and develop a solution which considered the whole life cost of the project. Fulcrum proposed installing a new medium pressure main and service to remove the need for the undesired boosters and compressors. Although the initial one-off infrastructure investment was higher, the ongoing equipment costs were permanently removed.  For this customer this was “technically ideal and cost effective.”

Our solution involved:

  • A connection to an existing 250mm Medium Pressure (MP) gas main owned by Scotia Gas Networks
  • Laying and testing 524m of medium pressure polyethylene gas main in the highway
  • Laying and testing a 54m medium pressure service to terminate in kiosk
  • Supplying and installing a meter / governor module, kiosk and concrete base
  • Final testing and commissioning of the supply
  • Laying and testing of 5m of outlet pipework between the meter / governor kiosk and the building
  • Securing adoption of the newly installed pipeline by Fulcrum Pipelines Limited.  

The key to the successful delivery of this project was the pre-construction meetings with all stakeholders that defined milestone targets for the works, geared around the customer’s ongoing site production.

As always, all Fulcrum design and construction works were carried out to comply with the latest gas industry standards, these being principally;

  • IGEM/TD3 Steel and PE Pipelines for Gas Distribution
  • IGEM/TD4 PE and Steel Gas Services and Service Pipework
  • IGEM/GM/8 Non Domestic Meter Installations. Flow rate exceeding 6m3/h and Inlet Pressure Not Exceeding 38 bar
  • IGEM/UP/2 Installation Pipework on Industrial and Commercial Premises

In addition, the project was notifiable under Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (CDM).

Customer feedback

William RC Hay, Engineering and Compliance Manager for CLYDEUNION Pumps said:

"When Clyde Union Pumps decided to install new gas fired steam generators for testing our range of TWL pumps, we had to look for a solution that was a bit "out of the box" for the gas supply due to the pressure and volume required to fire the generators. Fulcrum provided a solution that was both technically ideal and cost effective. They also project managed a successful installation of the gas pipeline and the metering housing that finished ahead of schedule. Not only were we delighted to have an early completion but our neighbours were also delighted not only with the minimum amount of disruption but the workmanship of the finished roadway after the pipeline was installed. This installation is an important asset for the company going forward and working with a company as professional as Fulcrum was essential to the successful and speedy conclusion of the project."

Gas infrastructure specification

Design Peak Demand

22,150 kW

Source Pressure (Existing 2500mm MDPE MP main)        

450 mbar

Pressure Drop (Mains)

90.60 mbar

Pressure Drop (Service)

2.33 mbar

Network installed



100m x 250mm MDPE SDR17.6 Medium Pressure

424m x 180mm MDPE SDR 17.6 Medium Pressure


54m x 250mm MDPE SDR 17.6 Medium Pressure

Outlet Pipe        

5m x 200mm Steel Medium Pressure


MTA 2500F Turbine Meter with Stream Discrimination

200mm Inlet / 200mm Outlet


Kingsley Plastics Textured GRP Kiosk 4.5m x 2.25m

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