Just need a one-off connection?

Speak to the FirstGas and FirstElectricity teams - specialists in smaller connections for businesses and homes.

Just need a one-off gas connection? Speak to our specialists, FirstGas

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If it’s a one-off electricity connection, then FirstElectricity are the specialists for you.

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FirstGas and FirstElectricity are the small connections specialists within Fulcrum - providing smaller and one off gas and electricity connection services across the UK.

At FirstGas  and FirstElectricity, we understand your needs – we know you want to get the job done as soon as possible and understand that it’s only when you are actually at the point of tackling connections that the time, cost and challenges come to light.

Things can be quite complex with many parties involved so it may take longer than you think it should. But, we will do everything in our power to connect you as fast and efficiently as possible - if anyone can, we can.

To find out more complete the simple FirstGas or FirstElectricity enquiry forms or call our team on 03330 146 499






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