All outlet pipework should receive a full inspection after 5 years an annually thereafter.


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Inspection and Maintenance

Once installed, gas mains and service infrastructure is owned and maintained by the gas network owner, however the upkeep of gas outlet pipework becomes the responsibility of the property’s owner.

All outlet pipework, be it MDPE underground plastic, steel above ground, cast iron or copper, should receive a full inspection after 5 years and annually thereafter to ensure that it continues to meet all existing health and safety standards, as well as mitigating any disruptions to production or business. Poorly maintained outlet pipework cannot only lead to disruptions of service but bring significant threats to loss of life in the worst cases.

The Institution of Gas Engineering Managers standard (IGEM UP/2 Inspection & Maintenance) states that businesses should have a full maintenance plan drawn up for all downstream outlet pipework (from the gas meter to the point of use) including an annual inspection to ensure it is being correctly maintained.

Fulcrum can provide a free initial consultation to assess your requirements

We can then follow this up with an "M.O.T." of your outlet pipework - providing you with a report of our findings along with any recommendations for remedial actions if required.

Under the safety standard, gas pipework should be inspected to make certain it has not been compromised over time by, for example, corrosion, recently-added building extensions, building layout changes, additional pipework or simple neglect.

Our inspection and maintenance service provides specialist technical expertise to support maintenance management staff in ensuring their company is meeting gas industry guidelines by checking the soundness of gas outlet pipework. 

Inspection of existing gas outlet installations

During the "M.O.T.", our GIRS and Gas Safe registered engineers undertake a detailed inspection, including photographic evidence of the condition of the pipework to evaluate its integrity, analyse welds, look for unsecure joints, pipework not supported correctly, evaluating isolation valves and checking for gas leaks. Even MDPE plastic pipework can be at risk if exposed to the elements as potential hardening may result in brittleness.

Following the M.O.T. we can then:

  • Provide a report of our findings, together with any advice on necessary remedial action, to ensure that your pipework complies with legal, commercial and health and safety requirements and, importantly, help avoid unexpected disruption.
  • Any remedial works required would be discussed, and a free, no obligation quotation for any remedial works identified would be provided

Outlet Pipework: Inspection and Maintenance "M.O.T." Fulcrum engineer and outlet expert Keith Barnes explains why businesses should consider an annual gas pipework "M.O.T." safety check.

Inspection and Maintenance "M.O.T"

Fulcrum engineer and outlet expert Keith Barnes explains why businesses should consider an annual gas pipework "M.O.T." safety check.

Keith explains, "Under IGEM safety standards, organisations should be carrying out an annual inspection of their outlet pipework, that is the pipework from your side of the gas meter to your boiler or commercial appliances. What most organisations don’t realise is that this pipework is their responsibility".

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