We understand the importance of effectively managed and coordinated meter installations that integrate into your wider installation works schedule.


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You can trust Fulcrum’s experts to meet your metering needs, whether you require the installation or coordination of standard domestic U6 gas meters or a bespoke meter solution that is designed, constructed and installed to satisfy the demands of your project.

Metering solutions can be deceptively complex, with multiple parties, such as meter owners and energy suppliers requiring consultation before works can be initiated. Coupled with ensuring your needs are met whilst compliance to safety regulations on positioning, housing and ventilation are adhered to. Fulcrum are the best people to effectively manage and coordinate meter installations that integrate into your wider installation works schedule and, unlike the gas networks, we can plan a synchronised connection and metering service to mitigate delays between the utility connection and the actual ‘gas on’ date.

Gas metering solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties

We install, upgrade and disconnect all U series gas meters from U6 to U160. If your project has a greater gas load demand, our experts can design and fit purpose built installations to meet your specific needs within bespoke meter housing constructed either by you or us.

Electricity and water meter coordination as part of a multi-utility installation

Whilst recognising the restrictions of working within the regulated electricity and water sectors, as a NERS and WIRS accredited utility infrastructure provider, we will manage and coordinate electricity and water meter installations as part of a wider multi-utility works programme.

We have delivered metering solutions for clients across the UK, often as part of a complete end-to-end connection service:

Clyde Union Limited required an end-to-end gas connection solution including a new commercial gas meter to their site in Glasgow.

Clyde Pumps

Clyde R1085

Clyde Union Pumps asked us to install new gas fired steam generators for testing their range of TWL pumps. Clyde Pumps wanted a supplier who could provide a one stop shop for the incoming supply, up to and including the gas meter, governor module, meter kiosk and concrete base. Read more.

40 domestic gas and water meter installations as part of multi-utility works at a new housing development.

Moon Crescent housing development

Moon Crescent F103

Over a five month period, Fulcrum supported the client's build programme to ensure we completed the delivery of multi-utility works, including new gas and water meter installations, within the desired timeframe. Read more.


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