In this Q&A, Fulcrum’s Head of EV Charging, Indi Gosal, discusses what funding is available to businesses following the introduction of new grants for workplace EV charging stations, how they can access it and how Fulcrum’s full-service EV charging capabilities can help.

1. What grants are available to businesses?

From April 2022 the government, through its Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), made grants available for its Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

Businesses that can access the grants include SMEs, small accommodations businesses, charities, public authorities, social housing providers, owners of commercially let buildings, such as business park operators, and retail park operators.

The grants provide funding towards the installation of charge points.  Up to £350 per socket is available up to a maximum of 40 grants.

Additional help for SMEs to provide staff or fleet car parks is also available with up to £15,000 per building accessible towards the cost of installing charge points up to a maximum of five grants.

2. How do businesses access the grants?

Businesses can apply for the grant via the government OZEV website. Once they complete their application, they receive a voucher code. 

Alternatively, as part of our comprehensive EV charging service, Fulcrum can apply for the grants on behalf of businesses.

Additionally, Fulcrum will provide a quote for the design and installation of the charge points and then apply the grant as a discount. Fulcrum then claim the grant back from the government via an online portal using the voucher. 

3. Is there any criteria businesses have to meet?

Businesses have to be registered with Companies House, have a VAT registration or be a private registered provider of social housing. 

For SMEs, their sites must have private parking associated with it where the charge points can be installed for employee or fleet use.

For commercial landlords/park operators, the property must be a commercially let unit that has parking associated with it.  The charge point must be installed in private parking that is reserved for staff or fleet use.

For businesses accessing the £15,000 WCS, the amount of grant available will depend on how many parking bays are being provided with either a charge point socket (up to £850 available per bay) or supporting infrastructure for a charge point to be installed at a later date (up to £500 available per bay). 

The business location must have associated private parking. There is no limit as to how many charge point sockets can be installed at each site, within the overall number of grants available. A minimum of five bays must be allocated, at least one of which must have a working charge point. 

4. What can Fulcrum do to help my business install EV charging?

We provide a full turn-key solution, which covers every aspect of establishing and delivering EV charging infrastructure at business premises. 

In addition to helping companies access the grants and discounting them from the new infrastructure costs, Fulcrum designs and installs all of the electrical infrastructure needed to provide a complete EV charging solution, including connection to the electricity network and the installation and powering up of new charging stations. 

This complete service offers peace of mind to customers who will be dealing with just provider, providing an easier, more efficient and more cost-effective solution.

5. What is the process of installing EV charging?

The EV charging process can be summarised into three steps:

  1. Consultation: We begin with a free consultation service to establish the best, most cost-effective charging infrastructure options based on the client’s needs. This includes identifying and sourcing any applicable grants and discounts, like the WCS, available for the customer  
  2. Solution design: One of our EV charging specialists works with the client throughout the process and helps to prioritise, budget and plan the rollout of charging facilities. We can also apply and offset the WCS grant from the overall cost of the designing and installing infrastructure  
  3. Delivery: We design, build and install all aspects of EV Charging infrastructure for all types of needs, including slow, fast and rapid charging technology.

6. How do I know what EV charging option is right for my business?

We can offer bespoke options and solutions to suit individual needs of businesses.  This could include utilising existing power supplies or the installation of new infrastructure that connects to the electricity network (a new Point Of Connection, or POC).  

We also provide solutions to not only meet current requirements, but we can also future proof the EV charging capabilities as a business or location increases its charging provision.

7. What sort of charge points do Fulcrum provide? 

We work with a number of charge point manufacturers and are hardware and software agnostic, so therefore can provide customers with the most suitable solution for their needs.

As the UK moves towards achieving a net zero future, businesses and those that operate business or commercial premises can now more cost effectively contribute to the expansion of the EV charging network and provide added value charging services to customers and employees at the same time.

Fulcrum has extensive experience in the EV charging infrastructure market, including identifying and accessing available funding.

For more information about how Fulcrum can help your business, contact Indi Gosal on or Kat Heathcote on to find out more. 

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