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EV charging infrastructure for famous stately home

The Bayford Group, one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurial groups, which is made up of energy businesses, property investment and development and hospitality operations, teamed up with Fulcrum and ChargePoint to provide an end-to-end and future-proofed EV charging solution at Bowcliffe Hall in West Yorkshire.

  • EV charging infrastructure

Delivery of innovative charging infrastructure to meet current and future needs


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EV charging infrastructure

Client The Bayford Group
Location Yorkshire
Benefits delivered
  • Full in-house design and delivery solution from our team of experts.
  • Future-proofed EV charging infrastructure.
  • Collaborative and joined up delivery with the Charge Point Operator (CPO)

A future-proofed installation to enable the creation of a further four bays at a later date.

True added value project delivery.

Fulcrum designed and installed the electrical infrastructure and three twin socket, 22kW fast charging stations, creating six bays to charge electric vehicles at Bowcliffe Hall.

Additional infrastructure was also provided between the newly installed substation and ChargePoint charging solutions, to futureproof the installation and enable the creation of a further four bays at a later date.


I was really keen to bring together the capabilities of the project partners to deliver a comprehensive EV charging service for Bowcliffe Hall and its visitors, which has the potential to also be adopted by other businesses across the UK.

Bowcliffe Hall has always been a progressive venue embracing the traditional and the contemporary. We have been keen supporters of Electric Vehicles and this upgrade of our charging facilities will benefit visitors and the environment.

The Bayford Group

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