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Company information

Fulcrum Utility Services Limited is registered in the Cayman Islands: Number FC030006

Registered address:
Ugland House PO Box 309 Grand Cayman KY1-1104, Cayman Islands. The Company’s country of operation is the United Kingdom.

UK established address:
2 Europa View Sheffield Business Park Sheffield S9 1XH, United Kingdom. VAT Number: GB 9912 675 85

The securities of Fulcrum Utility Services Limited are not traded on a recognised Exchange.

The Company’s Ordinary Shares have been admitted onto the J P Jenkins Ltd share matching platform under the ticker: 030006.

J P Jenkins is the oldest established platform in UK for unlisted or unquoted companies which enables shareholders and prospective investors to buy/sell shares on a matched bargain basis.

Should shareholders wish to trade their shares they can do so through their stockbroker.

The indicative price and transaction history are available on J P Jenkins’s website.

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