Delivering a range of award winning technical services across all types of new gas infrastructure design and construction, we’re the best people to meet your gas connection needs.


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Gas Connections

Whilst many gas projects are comparatively simple, such as new gas network design and construction, others require significant consultation and rely on our unrivalled experience and knowledge.

We have designed and delivered gas infrastructure for some of the UK’s most significant developments. From designing and installing a gas pipelines to cross the no gas areas in the highlands of Scotland, gas pressure boosters and equipment to supply a restaurant on the 40th floor of one of London’s sky scrapers or a pipeline across a canal and three bridges to supply the Olympic flame.

We have committed ourselves to meeting the needs of our customers across the changing landscape of the utility industry for the last fifty years by ensuring that we provide solutions that utilise the latest design and onsite engineering technologies, whilst meeting IGE compliance standards to fully achieve your gas utility connection needs.

New gas infrastructure and new gas connections

No other company is better equipped to meet your needs – our range of technical services covers all types of new gas infrastructure design and construction.Be it a new gas network for a residential site, or a bespoke commercial infrastructure solution, our designers and engineers will consult with you to deliver a solution that meets your project's requirements. Also, unlike the gas networks, we will provide a full pipework solution - from installation and ownership of the gas main in the road, to the connection, meter and the gas outlet pipework from the meter to the burner on site.

Through Fulcrum Pipelines Limited, Fulcrum is licensed as an Independent Gas Transporter (iGT), owning and operating a growing portfolio of gas infrastructure that connects properties to the main UK gas networks.

Gas infrastructure upgrades and increases in gas loads

We will evaluate your gas load requirements, the existing infrastructure’s capacity and the capacity of the Gas Network Owner’s local infrastructure to ensure that the needed capacities are available. We will then identify the optimum solution to meet your new gas load requirements. Where upsizing is required, the gas supply will be redesigned and reconstructed in an increased pipe diameter and a larger gas meter installed to achieve your capacity requirements and in most instances we are able to carry out the works without interruption to the existing gas supply.

No-dig and trenchless installation

Gas infrastructure and new gas networks will be installed using the latest 
no-dig engineering technologies where possible, including trenchless techniques such as moling and directional drilling. Adopting these trenchless methods can speed up physical pipe installation, enable its installation across more challenging terrains and reduce disruption to your site and surrounding area.

Gas solutions for high rise and flatted properties

We undertake specialist gas riser and gas manifold design and construction specifically for delivering gas infrastructure solutions for flatted and high-rise properties. We know what it takes to deliver consistent gas capacity, gas loads and pressure to all properties whilst ensuring stringent safety and compliance standards are achieved. 

Award winning project management and delivery of some of the most critical gas infrastructure for the 2012 Games.

The Olympic Cauldron

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Appointed by the Olympic Delivery Authority, and in addition to adopting the gas networks across the Olympic Village and Park, we delivered some of the most critical gas infrastructure for the 2012 Games. This entailed working to the highest levels of security, confidentiality and safety to install pipework to the metering equipment and the outlet pipe from the meter to a valve train controlling the Olympic Flame within the Cauldron. This required pipework crossed three bridges, including the Channel Tunnel rail link and beneath main railway lines and a canal. The system delivered a minimum pressure of 1.99 Bar. Read more.

Installation of 23km of 7 bar gas pipeline to feed four remote highland distilleries.

The Speyside gas pipeline

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Scottish distillers Chivas Brothers, Diageo and Angus Dundee have cut CO2 emissions and ended reliance on road tanker fuel oil deliveries at four famous Speyside distilleries, thanks to the completion of a £7.6million gas pipeline.

The 16-mile link to Scotland's main gas network was completed six-months ahead of schedule despite winter temperatures of -12°C. Read more.

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