Who we are

We’re an award-winning utility ownership business that is able to own gas and electric networks with our Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) and Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) licences.

We adopt, own, and maintain gas and electrical utility infrastructure across the UK.

We’re proud to own and operate utility infrastructure across the UK including networks of national significance, including the gas network feeding the 2012 Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park and Olympic flame.

Our ownership services include:

  • Gas adoption and ownership
  • Electricity adoption and ownership
  • Meter ownership
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Gas supply points owned

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Electricity supply points owned

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Gas meters owned

Gas networks we own

Fulcrum Pipelines Limited (FPL) is a fully licensed and regulated Independent Gas Transporter (IGT). We design, operate, and maintain gas networks and gas pipeline systems which transport gas to consumer premises across the nation.

Electricity networks we own

Fulcrum Electricity Assets Limited (FEAL) is a fully licensed and regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO). We design, operate, and maintain local electricity distribution networks and infrastructure which power homes, business and industry across the UK.

Utility meters we own

We provide fully accredited and managed meter asset manager (MAM) and meter operator (MOP) services, and, with our team of metering experts, you can be confident that your meters are in safe hands.