Network interruptions and emergencies

Here you’ll find details of network faults and planned interruptions, along with key contact information.

If you have a gas emergency, call 0800 111 999
If you have an electricity emergency, call 0808 164 4714

Emergency numbers, help and advice

Gas Emergencies
Electricity Emergencies
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Non-emergency questions about our networks

Live Faults

There are currently no live events

Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections

Rota Load Disconnections: information for customers on our networks

There are currently no planned rota load power cuts.

What is Rota Load Disconnection?
  • An Emergency Power Cut, also known as Demand Control or a Rota Load Disconnection, occurs when the demand for electricity is expected to exceed the levels of generation available and therefore cannot be distributed to all customers.
  • If a prolonged electricity shortage were to affect the whole country or a specific region, the UK Government would approve a special measure which would enable the industry to carry our emergency power cuts to share the supply of electricity fairly across the UK and to protect the sites where power is necessity
  • Please keep close attention to the news and media about any planned Rota Load Disconnections. We will contact as many customers as possible should updates be announced