10 Jan 2024

Fulcrum’s Customer Experience recognised by independent auditor with Best Practice Award

Fulcrum, the leading independent multi-utility infrastructure and services provider, has received a Best Practice acknowledgement for its Customer Experience as part of a significant independent quality audit.

Less than a year since it was introduced to provide a more structured and strategic approach to the delivery of its customer journeys, Fulcrum’s Customer Experience function and processes have been praised by global certification body NQA as part of its ISO 9001:2015 audit of the company’s Quality Management Systems.

NQA provides certification, training, and support services to help organisations improve processes, performances and products.

Fulcrum’s Customer Experience implements a highly responsive and agile programme, which allows clients, customers, the public as well as the Group’s internal team to provide feedback and comments that can be tailored into positive service enhancing solutions.

The service is led by Customer Experience Specialist Georgina Whitham who works closely with teams across the Group to implement continual change improvements.

This includes managing a series of regular surveys, which are conducted at different stages of projects, and provide feedback throughout the customer journey.  The surveys enable Fulcrum to understand every stage of the customers’ experience with the Group during a project lifecycle, which enables targeted improvements to be made when required.

Independent recognition of our focus and the robustness of the processes we have put in place from a highly regarded global auditor is a massive accolade for Fulcrum and our Customer Experience activities, which we have quickly ingrained into the Group, enhancing our existing customer service operations.

People across the Group are also exceptionally engaged and passionate about customer service excellence, which contributes to the delivery of the highest levels of service.

Georgina Whitham, Customer Experience Specialist at Fulcrum

This Best Practice award is testament to the exceptional work that has happened to implement our vision to be the best for service in our sector, and to continually evolve how we support our customers.

NQA rarely presents Best Practice Awards as part of its ISO quality audits, which makes this an even prouder moment for the Group.

Craig Baugh, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Fulcrum

Best practice in audit terms means that the company has a process or processes that exceed the requirements of the Standard and guidance documents.

In the case of Fulcrum’s customer satisfaction monitoring and review, it was seen to firmly place the customer at the centre of their processes, and feedback sought, measured, acted upon, communicated well, processes adapted to replicate where the customer found most satisfaction.


Judith Hargreaves, Technical and Projects Manager at NQA

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