24 Apr 2023

Successful completion of major £1.6 million cereal processing plant project

Fulcrum, the leading independent multi-utility infrastructure and services provider, has completed and delivered on its £1.6 million contract with Navara Oat Milling and Camgrain, as part of the project to construct a new more energy-efficient cereal processing plant in Northamptonshire.

The Sheffield-based company designed and installed the 7km gas pipeline to power the site near Kettering, which will support more energy-efficient cereal drying and processing and reduce the reliance on oil-fuelled processes. Fulcrum has also installed a large metering facility, which connects the pipeline to the processing plant.

In addition to employing the experience of its direct delivery workforce in undertaking this large-scale utility infrastructure project, Fulcrum also demonstrated its reputation for community engagement.

To minimise disruption in its rural location, the installation programme involved close collaboration with the local community, in particular the parish council, providing regular updates on the development and the opportunity to speak to the site team.

The newly installed pipeline takes a route, which includes 6.5km of public roads including through Rushton village, from the gas network to the site via two Network Rail bridges as well as crossing the A43, the primary road through the East Midlands.

To further reduce the impact on the environment, Fulcrum utilised horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to install the pipeline in sensitive traffic locations.

Located alongside Camgrain’s existing Advanced Processing Centre (APC) in Northamptonshire, Navara Oat Milling will process oats in a highly sustainable processing plant which will reduce food miles and introduce cutting-edge technology and innovation to the processing of oats.

Founded in 1983, Camgrain provides a reliable, safe, and secure cooperative grain storage facility for its farmer members. The organisation collects, stores and markets circa 500,000t of its members’ crops, including wheat, barley, oats oilseed rape and linseed, at four APCs in East Anglia and the East Midlands.

We are proud to have completed our involvement in such an important project, which will contribute to UK food security. It also highlights the benefits of early and close collaboration for successful delivery, both in terms of our relationship with Camgrain and Navara, but also with the local community.

Projects in rural areas bring their own unique challenges, but with our experience of delivering complex projects and our professional team, we built positive regular dialogue with residents and the parish council throughout the programme of works. We really appreciate their support and engagement, which made a real difference during the project.

Tom Overfield, Divisional Director

Fulcrum has been a highly conscientious and professional partner from the very outset of this project, providing support during the planning process all the way through to the completion of the pipeline. Its engagement with our neighbours has been particularly pleasing as we are committed to being an important part of our local community.

Phillip Darke, Camgrain

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