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  • Multi-utility connections
  • High rise multi-utility services
  • Electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Greener heating solutions for future living
  • Utility disconnections and diversions

We’ll work with you to identify the best utility infrastructure solution to power and futureproof your residential development.

In an evolving energy landscape, we’ll help you meet regulations, build back greener and respond to the changing needs of home buyers in readiness for a net-zero future. Our experience has taught us that you have lots of important things to do while you deliver your new development and we will support you in every way we can. We promise to be easy to work with and deliver the best solution, and service, to heat and power the homes you build now, and in the future.

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  • Multi-utility connections
  • High rise multi-utility services
  • Electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Greener heating solutions for future living
  • Utility disconnections and diversions

A total multi-utility solution for the homes of the future

We can provide all the utility connections and utility infrastructure you will need for your development now, and in readiness for a net-zero future. Our complete multi-utility service includes: 

  • Electricity 
  • Gas (with advice on the evolving role of gas in new homes)
  • Water 
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Fibre
  • Street lighting

We offer market-leading asset values and innovative adoption solutions for the utilities we connect to your homes and pass the benefits of this to you, by making utility infrastructure more cost effective and the installation processes simpler and more efficient.

By choosing us to design and deliver your multi-utility connections, we’ll make powering the homes that you build easier, and we’re confident you’ll benefit from the time and cost savings of a fully delivered multi-utility service.


Utility solutions on every scale

We can provide utility solutions for all scale of High rise developments:

Multi-utility infrastructure and connections

  • Full electricity, water, gas and fibre package
  • Ability to design and install infrastructure complexities including high voltage

Added value engineering solutions

  • Infrastructure designed to be future proofed with required capacity secured
  • Early engagement to ensure utility infrastructure is considered in design and planning
  • Utility adoption solutions to provide best value

Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure

  • Electrical infrastructure designed with capacity for charging needs
    Design build and installation of new charging infrastructure

Greener heating solutions for future living

  • Renewable and alternative heating solutions to support future homes standard

For High Rise enquiries, please contact our Specialist David Jarvie at 

Hayes Village_1422x800.png

Making your developments electric vehicle ready

We’re here to help make your development EV ready.

  • We can help you prepare for upcoming planning regulations and the electric vehicle charging needs of home buyers right now, and in the future
  • We can design options for the electric network to give it the capacity and flexibility needed to be futureproofed, as well as keeping your build on budget

Our EV ready solutions for residential developers include:

  • Pre-construction consultation
  • Advice on meeting specific planning requirements
  • Advice on multi-occupancy and communal options
  • Selecting the best hardware solution for your development

Solutions to support build back greener and future living

We can help guide you as legislation on the use of fossil fuels to heat new homes changes and we’re exploring emerging renewable technologies that complement traditional multi-utility connections to heat new homes.

Talk to us about options for more innovative and greener solutions for your development.


Making sure existing utilities don’t delay your new development

Our utility disconnection and diversion services are here to help make sure your new development can start safely and on time. The need to disconnect, remove or diverting existing utilities can hold up your project, so contact us early in your development programme to see how we can help make your project start a smooth one. 

We can take the hassle of dealing with multiple utility networks away by:

  • Project managing all utility disconnections or diversionary works
  • Completing gas disconnections work in house

We can even package this with new multi-utility connection services for your project, giving you a total end-to-end utility solution.

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