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  • LP to IP specialist connection services
  • Non-standard connection services
  • Professional services

Our team of gas specialists provide the highest standard of professional advice and service, no matter the size or complexity, to the gas industry.

Our experience and understanding of low pressure (LP) to intermediate pressure (IP) specialist connection services, non-standard connection services and special professional gas services mean that we are a trusted partner of utility businesses and contactors across the UK.

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Multi-utility solutions for industrial and commercial
Multi-utility solutions for industrial and commercial
Our services
  • LP to IP specialist connection services
  • Non-standard connection services
  • Professional services

Specialist gas connections for more complex needs

We have a range of approved branch saddle solutions and hot tap or bolted tee connections to provide a zero-interruption service. 

Whether you need to carry out a planned or emergency operation on your live main, we have the equipment and expertise to provide a fast and efficient drilling offering whatever the diameter or material of your pipeline, with off-takes up to 600mm for metallic pipes and 300mm for polyethylene connections.


Non-standard gas connection support

Whether it is a planned alteration or diversion or a temporary repair that cannot be carried out while your gas pipeline is under pressure, we can provide a full range of line stopping solutions that are built to meet your pipeline requirements.


Use our gas expertise to find the best solution for your project

We provide specialist consultancy and design services to the gas industry, which include:

  • Provision and management of G17 and GL5 designs
  • Complex connections solutions
  • Specialist consultancy, gas safe surveys and outlet network design and construction
  • Full range of SCO (authorised engineer/competent persons) support up to 7barg
  • RO/NRS provisions
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